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Abadías, proveedores especializados en el 8º Congreso Nacional de Formación continua Aenoa


Abadías attended the 8th Congress of Ongoing Learning promoted by  AENOA that was held last 5, 6 and 7th March in Madrid. In collaboration with the event and as suppliers specializing in services and promotional products for training courses and seminars, various commercial representatives of Abadías came to be present at this important event of the training sector.

This year the conference brought hundreds of attendees, because of the impact of the event and its importance within the framework of lifelong learning, is a national reference for the training sector. During the 3 days of the event, several conferences, workshops and round tables were celebrated, where attendees could enjoy the latest developments and industry news occurred also in parallel  a new edition of Expoformación forum took place, where participants could dive into a networking environment really interesting.

Abadías en el 8º Congreso Nacional de la formación- Aenoa

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Banner Abadías como proveedores especializados en servicios para la formación


Representantes comerciales de Abadías durante el 8º Congreso Nacional de Formación Continua

Photo: Several representatives of Abadías commercial equipment  during the 8th National Congress of Lifelong Learning and Expoformación forum as a specialized provider of services and promotional products for training industry.


Cartel del 8º Congreso Nacional de Formación- Abadías proveedores especializados sector formación.

Photo: Poster of 8th National Congress of Lifelong Learning. Aenoa.

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