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Abadías presents this year great new models in congress bags and promotional backpacks for events. Our company, leader in the industry, highlights each year for his innovation in the design of new items for conferences and events. Our extensive experience makes us extremely knowledgeable about the needs that may arise to the organizers of a conference or event, and is therefore our concern in that sense, what makes us go for functionality in the creation of "new models of document bags and backpacks full of personality.”


Following this premise, we wanted to bet on a "SMART SERIES" or functional line of  promotional bags and backpacks, designed to fit the needs of saving, archiving and organizing your documents as well as your technological complements, all in perfect harmony. But that's not all, its main value is duality, allowing your tablet goes perfectly saved in the transparent pocket, which is very visual and yet we can use it without having it to take it. But this is only an example because each of our bags and backpacks of the smart series can give you much more; you just have to find out!

And if you're looking for something more promotional, we have something that will surprise you, our "KANGAROO SERIES BAGS" that it will not pass unnoticed, style and creativity together, make this a complete tool as a gimmick. Its transparent front is designed for you to show the full potential of your product and your company, it's over take your information inside the promotional bag, now it is time to show your brand more than ever!



Abadías novelties: bags for congres, smart bags, smart backpacks
Abadías novelties: bags for congres, smart bags, promotional bags
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